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5 Ways To Be Less Stressed At Your Real Estate Listing Photo/Video Shoot

Updated: Aug 28, 2020

Photo and video shoots for your listing should be enjoyable!

Here are 5 ways to help you and your seller have more fun, be less stressed, and get better results at your shoot:

1) Make a (loose) shot list

If there are areas that you specifically want to feature in this home, please let the photographer know. At the shoot, we will make recommendations, too. But thinking it through, and managing your seller's expectations, will help ensure an organized shoot

2) Get to the shoot early for last-minute preparations

If you follow our "Preparing Your Home For Photography" (Click to see doc) checklist, you'll see there are a few "last minute touches". If you get there early, you can do last-minute tidying, turn on all the lights, turn off fans, park a few houses down the street, etc. Doing so will make you ready for the photographer's arrival.

3) To have the Seller(s) present or not?

Every situation is different. In some cases, the sellers will contribute a lot to the shoot - and they may enjoy it! In some cases though, it may be less stressful for them (and you!) for them to leave the house and come back when we're done. You know what's best for your customers.

4) If possible - Plan for pets and children to be away from home during the shoot.

We love pets, but buyers might not. The best and least stressful way to shoot with pets would be to put them away in a room that we can shoot last so you only have to move them once. Better yet, take them for a walk with the children(if possible)!

5) Relax and have fun!

As a professional photographer, we are trained to be organized and confidently serve as a leader at the shoot. Consider our advice, and definitely express what you want to see... and have fun!

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Bonnie Barwick
Bonnie Barwick
Jan 14, 2021

I cannot say enough good things about ShawnHood Media! Shawn did a fabulous job of shooting the Flamingo Building and exceeded our expectations! He was professional, on time, and delivered in a timely manner - all with a very tight deadline! Highly recommend his services.

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